Catnook Cattery
Catnook Cattery. 340 Considines Rd, Modewarre, Victoria 3240
Tel: 0434 339052

Boutique Cat Boarding

Catnook boarding facility offers intimate boutique personalised accommodation for your feline companions in a peaceful rural setting close to the Surf Coast at affordable rates. Catnook is a small family owned and run business catering for up to 50 families at one time.

Catnook Cattery caters for clients predominantly from the Geelong, Geelong West Geelong East, Surfcoast, Armstrong Creek, Waurn Ponds, Bellarine, Winchelsea, and Melbourne West areas although we accept cats from all localities at our cattery.

When you board your pet at Catnook we will do our best to ensure that your cat has a relaxed comfortable stress free stay with one on one attention that only boutique style accommodation can provide. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your pet in the future.

View our Terms and Conditions. Every client will be required to sign a copy of this agreement prior to leaving your pet with us.


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Our suites are designed specifically for cleanliness, comfort, hygeine and space. Suites at Catnook have been purpose built using quality materials and fitted with fixtures that reflect the standard of care that will be extended to all our guests.

All suites are designed with surfaces that can be fully wiped down are spacious i.e. larger than the specified standard within stipulated in the boarding code. All items in the room are able to be readily removed, washed and wiped clean to minimise any transfer of bacteria or infectious disease. (Be wary of other facilities that offer trinkets /pictures and upholstery surfaces on walls, furniture and floors that are difficult to clean not removable and can harbour infectious bacteria.)

We can accommodate families, doubles and singles, catering for felines that prefer to be inside only and those who prefer the option of indoor and outdoor environment. Our Outdoor areas have shelves and a hammock to allow our guests to rest and bask in the sun. The outdoor areas are protected by shade cloth so guests are sheltered from harsh UV rays during the summer.

All our indoor areas have three tiers of laminate shelving or a cat tree to allow your cat to move freely around its suite making the most of the space and height provided.

Your cat will be able to view its neighbours from many vantage points within his or her suite but will not be able to have direct contact with our other guests.

Catnook has been designed to maximize the light and airy environment of our rural setting. The inside of the cattery and the suites are fully insulated and lined for warmth and comfort. Throughout the colder months the cattery is kept cozy and warm through the benefit of our centrally located wood fire heater which operates throughout the day and right through the evening. On those hot summer days your cats remain cool and comfortable courtesy of our split system air conditioning units.

Environmental Responsibility

At Catnook we believe not only in providing the best care for our guests but we also believe that we should do this in the most environmentally responsible way.

Our Kitty litter is made from palletised wood chip and which is totally eco friendly.

No waste from the cattery ends up in landfill instead it is composted courtesy of our industrial size worm farm.
We are firm believers in trying to make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of both humans and animals alike.

Catnook Cattery and Cat Boarding is close to Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and the Surf Coast.

If you're looking for a Melbourne cattery, Surf Coast Cattery or Geelong Cattery then please consider Catnook Boarding Cattery, boutique accommodation for your cats.

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